Journey Through The Thai Islands, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui

December 20, 2007

The last destination of my big Asia adventure was hopping through the Thai Islands. Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand

After getting off the plane in Phuket, I moved into the oldest hotel of the city. You might have seen the hotel, since the place served as a home of L. DiCaprio in the movie The Beach. The place was very authentic. There was not much to do in Phuket city, so I took a tuk-tuk with two American guys who I previously made friends with and we went to Patong Beach to discover the night life. Patong Beach had a wild night life with lots of ladyboys. It was Election Day that day and they were not serving any alcohol anywhere, so the two boys were very disappointed. Phuket Thailand

Ko Phi Phi

Early next morning we took the ferry to Ko Phi Phi Island. This was a tiny island with beautiful beaches. The movie Beach was shot here. The place had beautiful with white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. It was certainly one of the nicest beaches I have ever seen. There were no cars on the island (only bicycles) and the place was totally overcrowded with tourists. Everything cost here four times as much as it would cost anywhere else in Thailand. The next day I got on a boat and went scuba diving. The visibility was good, but many of the corals were destroyed. The boat passed by some beautiful beaches and we were very impressed by the scenery. The place was really stunning. I met some Israelis on the boat and we went to watch a Thai Box match at night. It was too violent for me. Phuket Thailand

Ko Phi Phi Beach

Ko Phi Phi Beach

Ko Samui

After two days I started getting bored of Ko Phi Phi, so I took a ferry then a bus then another ferry then two tuk tuks to arrive to Chaweng Beach on the island of Ko Samui. The journey was really long. Ko Samui was a pretty nice beach also, but the night life was even better than the beaches. Right after I checked into my hotel I found the biggest night club on the island (Green Mango) and I spent the next three nights hanging out at that place. It was an awesome place with great music. By the next day I realized that Ko Samui was a real party island. The party started on the beach at 4pm and ended at 2am in the Green Mango every night. The place was great fun. After a brief stop over in Bangkok, I headed back to the Winter in Budapest. I was totally heart broken to leave this wonderful continent and the good weather. I had such an awesome time in Asia. I felt like I could have stayed there forever. Phuket Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Beach

Koh Phi Phi Beach



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