Sightseeing, Shopping and Partying in Singapore over the Holidays

December 1, 2007

From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

I left Bali at 8am in the morning for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After getting off the plane I ran to catch a bus to Singapore. I had to run through Chinatown with my giant backpack and I finally found a very crowded bus station. I got on the bus right away and in 5 hours I was in Singapore. The journey was very comfortable. Things to Do in Singapore

Things to Do in Singapore

I absolutely loved Singapore! It is a very nice and neat city. It is a tropical metropolis with all the fascinating things an Asian metropolis has to offer. There were Christmas trees everywhere and everybody was Christmas shopping. Everywhere I went I could hear Christmas songs. There were giant shopping malls and people would shop non-stop. I really had to restrain myself from shopping, because I did not want to carry around more stuff. I spent the first day sightseeing. I visited all the interesting sites including Little India and Chinatown. I also visited the Marina Bay and took some photos with the symbol of Singapore, the dragon faced water spitting fish called Merlion. I also visited the Raffles Hotel and had a tea in the lobby. It is an old traditional colonial hotel, built in a very English style.

Singapore Marina - Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore Marina – Things to Do in Singapore

The city is really neat. If you chew a gum, you will be fined $1000. You cannot spit or litter, because you will be fined also.

On the last day I went to visit Battle Box, which is the largest underground command centre of the British Malaya Command Headquarters during World War II. It comprises 22 rooms linked by a corridor. This complex is bomb-proof and also capable of recycling its own air supply. Through the use of special audio-visual effects, and high-quality animatronics visitors are able to relive the morning of 15 February 1942 when Singapore fell to the Japanese.

Battle Box - Singapore - Things to Do in Singapore

Battle Box – Singapore – Things to Do in Singapore

After that I visited the Toy Museum and some exhibitions in the National Library. I ended the day in a shopping mall again.

Nightlife of Singapore

Next day I went out with a Dane/Korean girl Mia, who I met on the Internet. We went to Clarke Quay where all the hot spots were. Singapore nightlife was amazing! We went to Fashion Bar and I tried the local drink Singapore Sling. It tasted interesting. There were only foreigners in that place.

 On my last night I went to the Christmas party of a the watch magazine Revolution. The party was great fun with all the wealthy and beautiful people in town.

Revolution Magazine Christmas Party - Things to Do in Singapore

Revolution Magazine Christmas Party – Things to Do in Singapore

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