8 Tips on How to Stay Healthy on The Road

June 20, 2017

Fruits of Naples - Eating Healthy

I am a little bit of a health freak I have to admit. I am very careful about what I eat as I studied nutrition extensively. Therefore, I make a priority to stay healthy even when I travel. I wanted to give some advice to my dear readers on what to eat and what not to eat on the road. Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy
  1. Pack Your Own Food for the Flight

I always pack my own food for the plane and I never touch the TV dinner they serve you on the flight. That food is packed with artificial ingredients and stuff I would never eat under normal conditions. It is enough stress for the body that we are up in the air, we don’t want to feed it with all sorts of carbs and preservatives.

I always pack the following snacks:

Almonds, dried fruits, apples, carrots, celery sticks, avocado, red peppers, kale chips,

A bowl of salad


  1. Stay hydrated

The most important thing on the flight is to stay hydrated. Every time the flight attendant walks by, I ask her for 2 glasses of water. If you follow my advice, you will end up going to the toilet quiet often, but it is better, than getting dehydrated. Some people even suffer from swollen hands and feet because of dehydration, you don’t want to be that person.


  1. Always make sure to have no MSG and no sugar in your food

In many countries around the World, especially in Asia, they put a spoon full of MSG in your food. It is a type of chemical that they use to enhance the flavour in food. I always tell the servants in every restaurant to avoid putting any MSG in my food. Many of the servers didn’t even understand me, so I am sure, I ate lots of MSG, but I did my best to avoid it. I also make sure to tell the waiter not to put any sugar in my food. In Thailand and in certain other Asian countries like in Indonesia they put a spoon full of sugar in every curry dish. People love their food sweetened in Asia.


  1. Eat lots of fruits and veggies

It is very easy to give up all our healthy habits when, we are on vacation and eat only sweet things or really unhealthy junk food. I know, because I always gain weight on my vacations. The trick I use to stay thin is to eat fruits for breakfast and try to eat veggies with every meal.


  1. Google for healthy restaurants and farmer’s markets

Do some research to find a local raw food restaurant or a local farmer’s market to get some fresh produce. I love to discover these kinds of places. The fruits and veggies are always much fresher than they are in the supermarkets.


  1. Skip the carbs

I always try to eat everything without bread, rice or potatoes. Sometimes, it is a bit difficult, because some cultures cannot imagine eating without carbs. For example people in India gave me very weird looks when they saw me eating curry without any rice or bread, but that should not concern you for a second. You are better off not eating gluten. Even rice is starchy, so I wont eat it. I think I spent days eating only almonds in the Himalayas, because everything had flour or rice. Those were my hard-core raw foodist days. Eating Healthy


  1. Watch out for the portion sizes

On vacation we all tend to overeat and overdrink. It is important to stay conscious about how much we eat. Don’t attack the buffet in Vegas, because you will have to pay for it, when you get home from vacation. Also, just because you are in an all-inclusive hotel, it doesn’t mean you have to gain 5 kgs in a week or that you should get wasted every night. Eating Healthy


  1. Easy on the booze

Vacations are like a big party, everyone will do whatever they can’t do at home. Most of us go out when we are on vacation and many of us drink. There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two, but many of us can lose control when the booze is cheap and we are on vacation. Lets keep in mind that alcohol is fermented sugar and the calories will add up quickly. So, you should all make sure to keep your limit to a few glasses of wine or some vodka and soda (that’s the drink with the lowest calories) to make sure you still have that beach body by the end of the vacation. Eating Healthy



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8 Tips on How To Stay Healthy on the Road

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8 tips on how to stay healthy when you travel. Drink lots of water, eat little, prefer fruits and vegetables, controlled portions. Dont drink too much alcohol.

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