The 5 Best Movies of the Cannes Film Festival ’15

May 29, 2015

Palais de Festival in Cannes

This year the Cannes Film Festival had an excellent selection of movies from all over the World. I usually leave the festivals with mixed feelings, because I end up watching some really great and some not so great movies. This time I enjoyed almost all he movies I saw. Cannes Film Festival 2015

Cannes Film Festival 2015
  1.  The following movies were some of my favorites of the festival:The movie I liked the most was Lobster directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. The movie is a surreal drama, about a relationship obsessed society. It is a really engaging masterpiece. The movie starts out with an unidentified woman, who gets out of her car and shoots a random donkey on the side of the road. Then she gets back into her car and drives away. No one in the audience understands why this happened, but the beginning well describes how absurd the whole movie is. The protagonist Colin Farrell has 45 days to find love otherwise he would be turned into a lobster. The movie is comical and a bit violent, but overall very amusing. A few days before he is about to turn into a lobster, he meets a woman with short hair and he decides to settle down with her. The woman turns out to be crazy and kills his dog and also attacks him. He put her to sleep and converts her into an animal. Later he leaves the hotel and meets Rachel Weisz in the wild. They fall in love and have four kids. Their common connection is that they are both short-sighted. In the movie, people are attracted to each other because of their common shortcomings rather than by their attractiveness. The movie is full of unexpected, surreal turns. It is very artsy. Cinematography is phenomenal. The scenery of the Irish countryside, where the movie is playing is beautiful. The author makes fun of the relationship obsessed society, where being single is illegal. This was by far my favorite movie of the festival.

    The Lobster Cannes Film Festival 2015

    The Lobster Cannes Film Festival 2015

    Photo Call of Lobster - Cannes Film Festival 2015

    Photo Call of Lobster – Cannes Film Festival 2015

  2. My second favorite movie was the Hungarian holocaust movie of Laszlo Nemes , Son of Saul. The movie is a very interesting masterpiece. It is nothing like I have ever seen before. The movie displays the horror of the Nazi concentration camp from the protagonist’s perspective. We only see as much as he Saul sees. Saul’s head is always in the middle of the picture and in the background we can witness the blurry images of the concentration camp behind him. Saul is a member of the sondercommandos (Jews, who are in charge of exterminating other Jews in the camp). He shows no emotions in the movie until he loses his son. From that point on, his only goal is to find a rabbi to have a proper religious burial for his son. He conspires with other prisoners to help him achieve his goal. The noises, screams, orders in German, gunshots make the movie even more intense than it is. We don’t really see any direct violence, but hear the screams of the people in the gas chambers, we hear gunshots that intensify the horror of the film.The movie is very engaging, the audience will not lose focus throughout the whole film. I kept thinking about the whole movie after I watched it for the rest of the day and the next day. It is not a movie the audience will easily forget. It certainly deserved the Grand Prix, maybe even the Palm d’Or.

    The Cast of Son of Saul - Cannes Film Festival 2015

    The Cast of Son of Saul – Cannes Film Festival 2015

    Me & The Main Actor of Son of Saul - Cannes Film Festival 2015

    Me &The Main Actor of Son of Saul – Cannes Film Festival 2015

  3. Carol was another remarkable drama. It is a beautiful lesbian love story in the 1950ies that unfolds throughout the movie between an elderly woman (Cate Blanchett) and a young department store clerk (Rooney Mara). I was fortunate enough to be at the press conference of the movie, where I learned many interesting things about the actor’s motivation in playing this role. In the following video, Cate Blanchett is talking about what it was like to be playing Carol. The actors also addressewhat it was like to be naked in the movie. Rooney Mara said she had no problems being naked as she was so used to being naked all the time. The first one hour of the movie is a bit slow, however the cinematography is so beautiful, that it makes up for the slowness of the movie. The music was also very beautiful. The critiques loved the film. Many predicted a Palm d’Or for the movie. They also thought that Cate Blanchett was going to win another prize for best actress. She certainly deserved one for the role. Rooney Mara took home the best actress prize from Cannes in the end. Her performance was also remarkable. It is certainly a movie one should watch is you want to see a particularly beautiful movie.

  4. Paulo Sorrentino’s new movie, Youth was the favorite of many critiques and journalists in the festival, however it did not take home a prize in the end. The movie is particularly stylish and beautiful. If there was a prize in Cannes for the most visually beautiful movie, it would certainly win that prize. Two elderly men Michael Caine (a composer) and Harvey Keitel (a director) go on vacation together and throughout the whole movie they are reflecting on their regrets and their younger selves. The film was shot in the Swiss alps in a luxurious ski resort and the scenery is absolutely spectacular.  They are talking about women, they wish they would have been with. The two men are still not immune to beautiful young women and their bodies and at one point they are both perving  on a beauty pageant in the swimming pool of their hotel. The movie is a reflection of everything old age will bring about, including illness,  such as prostate problems and memory loss. There are some really funny scenes of the movie, for example when the two men are spying on an elderly couple having sex in the forest. The movie is comical, absurd and beautiful. I am so looking forward to seeing future movies of Sorrentino, as all his movies are so beautiful.

    Youth by Paolo Sorrentino - Cannes Film Festival 2015

    Youth by Paolo Sorrentino – Cannes Film Festival 2015

  5. My favorite animated film was Le Petit Prince of Mark Osborne. The critiques favored Inside Out, but the Little Prince was my personal favorite. It was a really beautiful movie. Some people in the audience left the theatre crying. In the movie a little girl befriends her eccentric elderly neighbor, who tells her about the story of the little prince. Later her mother forbids her to spend more time with him, as she needed to focus on school, but the girl escapes from home and flies the old man’s ancient plane to another planet, where she meets the little prince. The theme of the movie is that you should let your childlike imagination run free and age doesn’t mean that one should stop believing in fairy tales. Also, that essential things are mostly invisible to the eyes. The movie does not strictly follow the plot of Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince, however, it does a good job in conveying the message of the author.

    The Little Prince by Mark Osborne - Cannes Film Festival 2015

    The Little Prince by Mark Osborne – Cannes Film Festival 2015



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