Best Places to Visit in Berlin at Night and During The Day

April 15, 2017

Church in Berlin

Places to Visit in Berlin at Night

A couple of PhD students from Oxford and I flew to Berlin for a long weekend. I had never been to Berlin, so I was up for a weekend of adventure. I was the only girl in the team with 5 guys. We had a great time! I had to listen to a lot of boy talk. They made sure I was entertained the whole time. The boys went to Berlin to party, I went to Berlin to see the city and to explore its history. I heard there are many historical places to visit in Berlin and I was curious to discover East and West Berlin. The good thing is that you never wonder what to do in Berlin, as there are so many places to see in this big city. Our host was a very nice but bizarre looking musician. He was the perfect guide for the boys into the Berlin night life, as he knew underground Berlin very well. Our first night was probably the biggest. We had a wild house party. I couldn’t see the table from all the bottles in the kitchen. Read more about what to do in Berlin.

We stayed near Rosenthaler Platz right in the city center. There were many bars and restaurants around us. It was one of the best areas to stay in Berlin. This metro station served as a temporary border crossing between East and West Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Welcome House Party - Places to Visit in Berlin at Night

Welcome House Party – Places to Visit in Berlin at Night

I went out every night with the boys until like 2am, but then I would go home to sleep. The boys came home usually around 8-9am, when I woke up and went sightseeing.

Things to Do in Berlin During the Day

Berlin is an enormous city for European standards, so I hopped on the double decker tour bus two days in a row to make sure I can see the whole city. The bus departed from the TV Tower and took me from East Germany to West and allowed me to learn many things about the history of Berlin. The TV Tower is the tallest construction in Berlin and the tallest tower in the entire Germany too. It is one of the main Berlin points of interest.

TV Tower - Places to Visit in Berlin at Night

TV Tower – Places to Visit in Berlin

It is the symbol of Berlin. It is right near the Alexanderplatz. Alexanderplatz is a very unattractive communist looking square. It reminded me of Moscow Square (Moszkva ter) in Budapest. To be honest the whole city is kind of unattractive and reminded me of the good old days of Communist Hungary. You might be wondering what to see in Berlin next, because the city is so huge. The best way to see the city is to hop on one of those sightseeing bus on Alexanderplatz. I took the bus to the Brandenburger Gate. It is one of the most important historical things to see in Berlin.

Brandenburger Gate - Places to Visit in Berlin at Night

Brandenburger Gate – Places to Visit in Berlin

It’s a big monument that stood between East and West Berlin and was a symbol of the division of the City. Then I went to see the Holocaust Memorial that included 2500 geometrically arranged pillars. It is one of the more interesting Berlin tourist attractions. The Reichstag aka The Parliament next to the Brandenburger Gate was another impressive beautiful building. Visiting the goverment buildings is one of the more important things to do Berlin. This is the building that Hitler burnt down so that people would blame the Communists for it and vote for him in the end of the 30ies, when Hitler first got elected in Germany. All the governmental buildings are around the Reichstag. They are very modern and neat.

Modern District of Berlin - Places to Visit in Berlin

Modern District of Berlin – Places to Visit in Berlin

I really enjoyed the Museum Island of the city. There were five really cool museums, such as the Pergamon Museum. Visiting museums is one of the top things to do in Berlin. There are so many museums you can visit. I was also very impressed by Berlin’s Victory Column from the bus. It was an enormous column with a giant gold statue of Victoria on the top. It was one of the most beautiful attractions in Berlin. Then the bus crossed over to West Berlin. Visiting the west side is also one of the most interesting things to do in Berlin

Victory Tower - Things to Do in Berlin

Victory Tower – Things to Do in Berlin

My favorite part of Berlin was Checkpoint Charlie ,which was one of the few crossing points between East and West Germany. It was by far one of the best things to do in Berlin. I went to the museum and read many interesting stories about how people tried to sneak from the East side to the West during Communism.

Checkpoint Charlie - Things to Do in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie – Things to Do in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie - Things to Do in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie – Things to Do in Berlin

I saw some ruins of the Berlin Wall along the way. It looked really intimidating. The wall is one of the important places to see in Berlin. On the Berlin Wall, you will see lots of graffiti. If you love street art, Berlin is your city. You can find art in this city everywhere. One of the cool things to do in Berlin is walking around the city and discovering the street art created by many famous artists.

Berlin Wall - Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin Wall – Things to Do in Berlin

After discovering East-Berlin, the bus took me to the West side of Berlin, where I got off at a fancy expensive department store called KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens). If you love shopping, this department store is a must see in Berlin.

The weekend in Berlin was very interesting. I m still not sure if I love Berlin or hate it. It has a lot of history that makes the city very interesting. Some parts were very modern and progressive, but other parts reminded me of the communist Budapest. The nightlife was very exciting especially for people who love electronic music and substances. I also think there is a good underground scene of interesting artists in Berlin. There are lots of fun things to do in Berlin and it is a very fascinating city with a lot to offer to the visitors.

If you are wondering what to do in Berlin in 3 days, explore the nightlife and take the bus around to see the main sites of the city. If you love art, check out some museums.

Underground Berlin

Underground Berlin

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