9 Buenos Aires Tourist Attractions to Discover in Argentina

March 4, 2017

Memorial to England in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a huge city with a lot to offer to its visitors. It is a culturally rich city with lots of exciting things to discover. There are a wide variety of Buenos Aires tourist attractions for all sorts of tourists. The city has amazing food, great tango clubs, cultural and historical sites and a vibrant nightlife.

1. Take a taxi to El Caminito and discover this colourful funky bohemian part of the city. It is full of touristy stores and trendy restaurants. Local artifacts are sold everywhere on the street. Some people are dancing the tango in the middle of the street. You are greeted by the statue of Pope Francis in front of a store.

The Pope in El Caminito - Buenos Aires tourist attractions

The Pope in El Caminito – Buenos Aires tourist attractions

It is a very colorful, touristy neighborhood. Come here during the day and enjoy the atmosphere. However, don’t come here at night as the neighborhood is a bit sketchy after it gets dark.

El Caminito - Buenos Aires tourist attractions

El Caminito – Buenos Aires tourist attractions

2. Recoleta Cemetery – This beautiful cemetery in the heart of the most elegant part of the city is a must for every visitor in Buenos Aires. Not only, because Eva Peron is buried here, but also because the place has lots of history and it is the most beautiful cemetery you can ever imagine. Each family has a huge overdecorated chapel, decorated with pretty statues. It is definitely worth a visit. Check the opening hours, because it closes early.

Recoletta Cemetery - Buenos Aires tourist attractions

Recoletta Cemetery – Buenos Aires tourist attractions

3. Casa Rosada – It is the pink building on the main square of Buenos Aires. It is also a symbol of Buenos Aires. It is the home and the office of the president. If you have seen the movie Evita, this is where Evita makes her famous speeches. The building is lit up in pink at night. It looks beautiful. They allow visitors to visit the building during the day. It is recommended to all visitors to pay a visit inside of this very significant and historical establishment.

Casa Rosada - Buenos Aires Argentina

Casa Rosada – Buenos Aires Argentina

4. Eva Peron’s Museum – It is located in 2988 Lafinur Street in Palermo in a famous mansion that was constructed for the Carabassa family in the beginning of the 20th century. The building combines Plateresque and Italian Renaissance styles. This beautiful building displays memories of the most famous woman of Argentinian history. Many artifacts and clothes of Eva are displayed here. It is certainly worth a visit to understand all the hysteria that surrounded Eva.

5. Botanical Garden & Zoo – The botanical garden and the zoo are right near Plaza Italia station in Palermo. The botanical garden is closed on Mondays but open every other day. For a small entrance fee, you can see the most beautiful botanical garden you can imagine. It has lots of greens and beautiful fountains as well as birds and some other small animals. About a block away from the botanical garden, you can find the zoo. The entrance fee to get into the zoo is pretty significant. It is a beautiful zoo, with a large lake in the middle, surrounded by dense green vegetation and a variety of animals.

Buenos Aires Zoo

Buenos Aires Zoo

6. Tango Class in PalermoLa Viruta at Armenia 1366 offers tango classes on Sunday evening at 9 pm. We paid $10 at the door and in the basement of the building, there were about 100 people dancing the tango. There were three groups, one for beginners, one for intermediates and one for experienced tango dancers. The teachers were incredibly skilled and it was beautiful to watch them dance. I quickly figured out that it is much more difficult to dance the tango than it looks like. I had a great time. I met some locals as well as foreigners in the beginners’ group, learned some new moves.

7. Night Life in Palermo: Palermo has a fabulous nightlife and restaurants. It has lots of colorful pubs and live music at night. Also, has a market on Plaza Armenia and another one on Plaza Serrano. Around these squares, you can find plenty of good bars and restaurants and night clubs if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Buenos Aires. Many places play live music. It is the place to be for young people at night.

Trendy Palermo

Trendy Palermo

8. Puerto Madero: Puerto Madeiro is the richest part of Buenos Aires. The area feels like New York, because it is so modern and clean. There are lots of skyscrapers, modern buildings everywhere. Also, some of the most expensive restaurants and bars are located here. This is my favorite part of town.

Puerto Madeira, Buenos Aires Argentina

Puerto Madeira, Buenos Aires Argentina

9. Japanese Garden and the Palermo Lakes – I was walking towards the Palermo Lakes just North of Plaza Italia, when I stumbled upon the Japanese Garden. It was incredibly beautiful, with lots of little lakes with gold fishes, beautiful red bridges and Japanese style architecture. There is a small entrance fee to be paid to enter, but it is worth it as the garden is very beautiful.

Japanese GArden in Buenos Aires Argentina

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires Argentina

I walked a little more and found the Palermo Lakes. They are surrounded by gardens. It’s a beautiful walk around these lakes during the day. Also, there is a reservation that is closed on Mondays, but on other days, you can see the beautiful garden next to the lake for a small entrance fee. It is very relaxing to walk around here.

Lago Palermo - Buenos Aires tourist attractions

Lago Palermo – Buenos Aires tourist attractions

Best Restaurant in Buenos Aires


Lucuma is an excellent Peruvian restaurant located in Almagro not very far from Recoletta. It is away from the touristy areas, so it is more like a local gem, frequented by people who know Buenos Aires well. The address is Humahuaca 4101 A local friend took me there, and the food was incredible. Portions are huge and the food is very cheap. The food is fresh and very flavorful. It is certainly one of the best Peruvian restaurants I have ever been to. The ceviche was like a dream. You must visit this place in Buenos Aires.

Ceviche at Lucuma

Ceviche at Lucuma

If you are wondering, where to stay in Buenos Aires, check out these two beautiful luxury hotels.

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