The Best Parties and Shows of the Fashion Week in Milano

March 1, 2017

Fashion Week Milano

I decided to accompany fellow blogger The Globalite to Milan Fashion Week, where they display the latest fashion trends every seen. The first night we went to the Ferragamo Party. The party was inside of an abandoned house. Milano Fashion Week is famous for its excellent parties. Fashion Week Milano

Fashion Week Milano - With The Globalite

Fashion Week Milano – With The Globalite

Fashion Week Milano - Ferragammo Party

Fashion Week Milano – Ferragamo Party

The cocktails were very interesting. Jello cubes were served in small glasses. The jello cubes had alcohol in them and they each tasted like a different cocktail such as Cosmopolitan, Mojito. Apparently Ferragamo was at the party too, but I did not see him. I ran into lots of friends, I knew from London, Cannes, St-Tropez etc. The party was wonderful. After that we continued the party at the Hotel Principe de Savoi. It’s a beautiful traditional hotel. It is part of the Dorchester Club. In the lobby we ran into more friends. It felt like everyone from all over the World flew to Milan for Fashion Week. We were sipping cocktails and socializing until late at night with new and old friends.

The Shows of the Fashion Week Milano

The next day we saw a few shows. We saw Missoni, Salvatore Ferragammo, Jil Sander, Robert Cavalli. During the Fashion Week in Milan, you can see the designs of some of the best designers in the World. The Milan Fashion Week schedule gives a good guide to visitors on the shows. We were excited to see the Spring fashion trends. Every Milan Fashion Show was really spectacular. Fashion in Milan is definitely top in the World.

Before The Cavalli Show -Fashion Week Milano

Before The Cavalli Show – Fashion Week Milano

Salvatore Ferragammo - Fashion Week Milano

Salvatore Ferragamo – Fashion Week Milano

Jil Sander Show

Jil Sander Show

Roberto Cavalli Backstage

Roberto Cavalli Backstage

In the backstage of Jil Sander, I chatted with the most beautiful Hungarian topmodel, Vanessa Axente. She is only 18 and she is the face of Prada, Chanel and Calvin Klein. She has the same agent as I used to have in Budapest, when I was a model. She is so sweet. We took a photo together and sent it to my old agent who represents her now.

With Topmodel Vanessa Axente

With Topmodel Vanessa Axente

The Parties of Fashion Week in Milano

At night we hit a Moschino and Philipp Plein parties. Moschino was crowded and crazy, so we did not stay long. Philipp Plein was in a night club. It was pretty crowded too, but we had a good time.

Philipp Plein Party

Philipp Plein Party

Milan is a wonderful place for me, because I have so many friends there from the period when I lived and worked in Milan as a model. So I spent my day with my long time friend Andi, who I used to live with during my years modeling in Milan. We saw a show, then had lunch at the Armani Hotel. After that we went shopping, then we hit a museum together. It was such a beautiful day in sunny Milano. At night, we went to the Closing Party of the Milan Fashion Week.

Closing Party of Milan Fashion Week

Closing Party of Milan Fashion Week

The closing party of the Milano Moda Donna was right next to the Duomo in a beautiful palace. There was a ton of food and cocktails served in a beautiful ballroom full of mirrors.

After the Fashion Week was over, we did not find much entertainment in Milano, as most people had left the city. On our last day, after a fantastic dinner party at our friend’s house, we hit the Armani Night Club for some dancing. The people at the place were very young. Most people in there were in their early twenties. The crowd was pretty good looking and well-dressed. It s normal in Italy that the people are well-dressed. After that we left the night club at 3am in the morning, we took a ride to the country side to Lago Maggiore where my friend had a house. He drove us there in the middle of the night and we slept in his family’s beautiful 100 year old mansion. Next morning I woke up and I realised that I was in the middle of nowhere and I urgently needed to take a train to Florence, because I had a date there. I had no idea where I was and how to get to the railway station and everyone in the house was sleeping. I asked the gardener to drive me with my friend’s car to the railway station. The next train was leaving in about 3 hours to go back to Milan. It was a slow train. I waited for hours for the train, then I got back to Milan in less than an hour and hopped on the bullet train to Florence to meet this gorgeous Austrian guy I previously had met in St-Tropez.

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