Grand Canyon Hiking and a Visit to the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

March 22, 2017

Horseshoe Bend

The next day we reached Arizona and visited the Horseshoe Bend before arriving to the Grand Canyon National Park. On the way to Horseshoe Bend, we dropped by a Walmart. I had heard so much about Walmart, but I have never been to any stores. We do not have any Walmarts in New York. After a quick shopping detour, we arrived to the Horseshoe Bend. We stopped the car along the highway and started walking through the orange desert. It was a bit difficult to find where the Horseshoe Bend was, because you could not see any signs from the distance. We just started walking in the desert until we saw a hole in the distance. We kept walking and we saw a big drop below us as deep as about a 1000 meters. We looked down and we saw the Colorado River flowing right below us. It was so scary to look down, but it was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life. The Colorado River took a horseshoe shape in the middle of the desert. It was colorful, green and blue. It was truly spectacular. We took a couple of photos on the edges, but I was too scared to go near the edge because I was afraid I would fall off. I took some photos of my friend as he was sitting on the edge of the cliff. It was so scary. Grand Canyon hiking

Horseshoe Bend- Grand Canyon Hiking and a Visit to the Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend – Grand Canyon Hiking and a Visit to the Horseshoe Bend

Grand Canyon Hiking

The next stop was at the Grand Canyon. A drive to the Grand Canyon is easy from Vegas. It is even easier from Arizona. There were many things to do at the Grand Canyon and many places to hike. Many people decide to visit this place by taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour or take one of the many Grand Canyon train tours. However, we thought visiting the canyon by car and doing a hike there was a better experience. Here is what to do at the Grand Canyon if you decide to discover it on your own. The canyon was so spectacular, with all its colors and formations. We spent the afternoon hiking up and down in the canyon. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a very special experience. We took lots of beautiful photos. However, the Grand Canyon is another place that you can only experience, once you see it with your own eyes. It is massive, colorful, spectacular and breath-taking. The depth of it is intimidating. It makes you feel so small. If you fear of heights, it is probably not the place you want to visit. It is however a truly unforgettable experience to be part of this beautiful nature. There are many hiking treks for adventurous trekkers. You can get the best view of Grand Canyon while hiking. I believe it is one of the best ways to see the Grand Canyon. These are one of the many Grand Canyon tourist attractions. After a wonderful day spent in Arizona we hit the first motel and I fell asleep right away, because I was so tired from hiking all day. Next morning we drove back to Vegas and caught a flight back to New York. I am eternally grateful to my friend for taking me on this spectacular road trip around the deserts. After visiting the deserts in Bolivia and the deserts in the US, I became a total desert fan. Deserts are the most spectacular, colorful natural creations on Earth and they are more beautiful than any mountains I have ever seen. A trip to Grand Canyon can be a trip of a life time.

Grand Canyon hiking, Arizona

Grand Canyon hiking, Arizona

Thanks to Daniel Varga for taking some of these beautiful photos. See more of his photos here.

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