Halloween Parade and the Best Halloween Parties of NYC

November 1, 2016

Halloween in New York is the absolute best Halloween in the World. The whole town dresses up in the most insane outfits and everyone goes crazy. Halloween costumes in NYC are some of the craziest, most creative costumes I have ever seen. Halloween is usually celebrated over a couple of consecutive days, therefore I always need a couple of costumes as one cannot wear the same costume at every party. Halloween Parade NYC

New York Halloween Parade NYC

If you are lucky, the weather can be fairly good in the end of October so you can dress up as slutty as you want and you can attend a cool open-air party or the 6th avenue Halloween Parade in NYC.

 If you want to go crazy, march on the Halloween Parade in New York, which takes place on 6th Avenue. I also did it once. About 15 of us dressed up in black tights and black long sleeve shirts and my artist friend painted bones on us with white paint and we were a group of skeletons marching in the parade. It s a really crazy experience to be part of the parade. Thousands of people are marching wearing the most colorful costumes. We met all sorts of characters while we were marching. This was certainly my biggest Halloween adventure in NYC.

Halloween Events in NYC

One of the best parties every year is at Tavern on the Green in Central Park given that the weather is nice. All the trees are lit up in the garden and people are dressed up in really insane costumes. At a Halloween Party in NYC, you can meet the sluttiest girls as well priests, you can meet cartoon characters or movie superstars.

If you attend a NYC Halloween Party, you will realize, it is the most wicked experience you can ever imagine. One of the best parties are at Buddha Bar where I ran into many funny characters. Soho House also has a wicked party on every Halloween Night. Here you can often run into celebrities. New York is the best place for Halloween. The whole city turns into a huge party. The best halloween parties in NYC are in private houses. Everyone is having insane fun on Halloween night. It is my favorite night of the year. Halloween in NYC is something you will always remember once you experience it.

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MArching on the Halloween Parade NYC

MArching on the Halloween Parade NYC



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