Leilas Holiday Apartment: The Worst Hotel Apartment in Larnaca, Cyprus

September 16, 2018

During my 4 days in Cyprus, I ended up staying in 4 different hotels, because most places were sold out. On our last night, we wanted to book a hotel nearby so that we can drop our stuff at the reception and visit another city on the island. After booking the place on a booking app, I called the owner to find out if we can drop the luggage at his place and head out of town. hotel apartment in Larnaca

1,5 Hour to Reach the Owner

So after an hour and a half the German landlord finally picked up the phone. I told him the situation and he told me that he won’t hold the luggage and he will not allow us to check in before 3pm. It was only about 10:30am and we had plans for the day, so I really didn’t feel like sitting in a corner coffee shop for the next 5 hours for the check-in.

The Owner’s Outrage

At this point, I asked the owner to cancel my reservation, so that I can book a proper hotel. He refused to do that. Instead, he screamed at me for 7 consecutive minutes. He told me I was a writer, I was NOBODY, while he is managing over 100 flats and he hires 9 people and he is a big shot landlord……

So, the owner clearly had a narcissistic personality disorder. He had to prove himself for some reason that he was better than me, even though he had no idea, who I was. I also have no idea, who he is, all I know is that he spoke with a thick German accent in broken English, so he was clearly not very well educated. Obviously if he had any kind of common sense, he would not treat his customer or anyone with such disrespect.

Noisy Room

Noisy Room

3PM Check-In Time

So the time came for check-in, we arrived to the flat, pretty bummed out, because we had to cancel our travel plans for the day, because of the terrible landlord. The flat looked decent first, until I noticed that small ants were running around everywhere in the kitchen. I tried to stay positive. Having ants in the flat is not the end of the World, however, I saw long, disgusting black hair in the bathroom and there were more than one. Clearly the flat was not properly cleaned.

The Ants Infested Kitchen

The Ants Infested Kitchen


When The Night Came

Upon entering the bedroom, I realized that the whole room smelled like an ashtray. Someone previously had smoked in the room. It was awful. I ended up sleeping in the other room that didn’t have air-conditioning. I was going to sleep, but the bar across the street was blasting the music until late at night. So in the end I was not sleeping until they shut their doors. Even with earplugs, the noise level was unbearable.

This Bedroom Smelled Like an Ashtray

This Bedroom Smelled Like an Ashtray

In Conclusion

Overall, I believe I managed to find the rudest landlord in Cyprus or in the entire World. I will definitely not rent another apartment during my travels. I always preferred regular hotels and I was always trying to avoid apartments and Airbnbs, because I have noticed that private landlords do not have the same standards as hotels do, when it comes to hygene. Also, they don’t offer the same kind of services.

Pros of Hotels

This incident just adds to all the other horror stories I have heard from friends on temporary apartment rentals. Let’s face it, renting an apartment is in most cases not cheaper, than renting a hotel. However, in a hotel you have 24 hour reception, they hold your luggage anytime. They give you a city map, they recommend you great restaurants and they hire people with customer service skills at the reception, so they won’t treat you like a rat.

This day and age, anyone can host guest in their flat, but the quality and the cleanliness of these apartments are far behind any hotels. Not to mention that these hosts know nothing about customer service, clearly some of them don’t even have any respect for their guests.

When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is to deal with nasty landlords, a filthy, noisy flat. So do yourself a favour and learn from my mistake and NEVER rent a holiday apartment, especially not Laila’s Holiday Apartment in Larnaca!!!

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