The Best Monaco Tourist Attractions During the Summer

June 14, 2017

After Fashion Week there was not much left to do in Paris, so we took the train down to the South of France because we found out that the owner of EasyJet had a Charity Party for WWF. We took the train from Paris to Monaco. The ticket cost about €120. The journey took about 6 hours long to get to Nice. The train from Nice to Monaco is a quick 15-minute long ride. We spent the whole time in the buffet car because the train was too crowded. If you are adventurous and you ever take the train between Ventimiglia and Paris, you should not bother buying a ticket, because the conductor never comes to check the tickets. I have taken this train many many times in the past, I always buy a ticket and they never check it. So I always wonder what would happen if I got on the train without a ticket. So far I haven’t had the balls to test it out.

Check out other cities of the South of France too, such as Marseilles.

Where is Monaco? You may wonder. Monaco is the second smallest country in the World. Its territory is only 2 km2. It is located on the border of the South of France and Italy along the coastline. It is also called Principato di Monaco. You may wonder what to do in Monaco, given that it is such a small country. We were not only partying every night and hung on the beach, but also experienced the best Monaco tourist attractions during July. Summer in Monaco was very exciting. The capital of the country is Monte Carlo Monaco

Is Monte Carlo in France? Many of you may ask me. Monaco and its capital Monte-Carlo are an independent country. It is not part of France. It is part of the EU and it uses the euro as a currency. French is the official language of the country.

The Best Monaco Tourist Attractions

After a long journey, we finally arrived in Monaco. We were very much in a rush because the party started in the early afternoon and it was already around 6 pm when we arrived. We quickly changed and hit the party fashionably late around 7. The party was at the EasyJet headquarters in Monaco. Unfortunately, we missed Prince of Albert, who left just before we arrived. We did manage to say hi to Stelios and took a couple of photos together.

Stelios & I at His Charity - Monaco Tourist Attractions

Stelios & I at His Charity – Monaco Tourist Attractions

He had some Greek kebab and some fois gras served. We were so hungry we could have eaten the whole table. We did not eat all day on the train. After the fun event at Stelios’s, we went to SASS Café to have some more fun. SASS Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Monaco and it turns into a big club after dinner. Everyone is dancing on the tables. The music was pumping there. One of the best things to do in Monte Carlo at night is to hang in the casino. This is a beautiful traditional casino.

Hotel de Paris - Monaco Tourist Attractions

Hotel de Paris – Monaco Tourist Attractions

Chilling by the Pool at Hotel des Paris, Monaco France

Chilling by the Pool at Hotel des Paris, Monaco France

The next day we hang out by the pool at Hotel des Paris. It is one of the best hotels in Monaco. The view from the terrace is spectacular. You can see the entire port. We were sunbathing, then we wanted to get on a boat, so we paid for the boat that was taking people from one side of the port to the other. We kept taking this boat back and forth until we were asked to leave. Boating around in Monaco is one of the best Monaco tourist attractions. You could see the whole port from the boat. It was great fun. At night we went to a concert at the Sports Arena. It was a dinner and Rihanna was singing afterward. Rihanna gave a good show. She is a wonderful performer with a fantastic voice. She sang all her best songs such as Diamond. At the concert, we ran into some friends who we know from St-Tropez and we got invited to an exclusive Eyes Wide Shut Party in a private villa in St-Tropez on the upcoming weekend. It was really exciting to attend this really glamorous party.

On a Yacht to St-Tropez

Next day we got on a boat of our Dutch friends and we cruised the Van Dutch boat over to St-Tropez.

On a Boat to St-Tropez

On a Boat to St-Tropez

In St-Tropez we went to Bora Bora for drinks and then Tahiti Beach for lunch on the beach. We danced at Bora Bora until late afternoon in the rain. We had a lot of champagne that day. We had so much fun that I even managed to lose my shoes somewhere along the way and I arrived in Monaco like Cinderella without shoes, except that I was missing both not only one…

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