Best Places to Visit in Dublin on a Weekend Trip and an Encounter With the Greek King

May 24, 2017

Sunset in Dublin, Ireland

We spent a weekend in Dun Laoghaire for an election of the International Sailing Federation in Dublin Ireland. The conference was a good excuse for me to check out a new city, I have not seen before. I was only there for a long weekend, but managed to check out the best places to visit in Dublin. I even managed to meet the Greek King during my quick weekend trip.

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Greek King in Dublin Ireland

Greek King in Dublin Ireland

International Sailing Federation, Dublin Ireland

International Sailing Federation, Dublin Ireland

The Royal Marine Hotel we stayed at was right on the water. It was a good spot to observe a beautiful sunset every evening.

By The Sea in Dublin Ireland - Places to Visit In Dublin

By The Sea in Dublin Ireland – Places to Visit In Dublin

On the first evening of the meeting, there was a party, where the Greek King, Constantine II gave the keynote speech. He was so touched that he burst out in tears. Greece is one of the most important sailing nation in the World, therefore the king was very involved in the federation. I met lots of sailors. (I called them pirates). They told me what it was like living on a sailing boat for weeks or months. They told me they would sleep in wet cloths and eat canned food for months while sailing.

Best Places to Visit In Dublin

I knew Dublin was a small city compared to other capitals in Europe, but I heard that there were plenty of things to do in Dublin. After the meeting of the Sailing Federation, we went to Dublin and visited the main Dublin tourist attractions. We went to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. Trinity College was a very beautiful college, roughly about 500 years old with a beautiful library. The library reminded me of the Bodelain Library in Oxford. They stored the famous Book of Kells in this library. The book is a stunning manuscript from the middle ages. It is Ireland’s most precious medieval artifact. Visiting this place is one of the top things to do in Dublin. After wandering around the beautiful Trinity College, I started wondering what to do in Dublin next. In the end, we ended up going to the Guinness Brewery. This place is one of the main Dublin points of interest.

Guinness Factory - Places to Visit In Dublin

Guinness Factory – Places to Visit In Dublin

The 250 year old brewery was very well maintained and they gave us a very cool tour and showed us how Guinness has been made for the last few hundred years. I really enjoyed the tour. In the end of the tour, we drank a bit of brown and foamy Guinness and then set out to go to the airport to fly back to London. Visiting the Guinnness museum was my favorite of the tourist attractions in Dublin. There were plenty of more activities in Dublin, but this time, we didn’t have more time to explore the city better. We saw the Greek King on the British Airways flight. It is surprising to know that even royalties fly commercial airlines.

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