Villa Parties and Champagne Popping in St Tropez

July 25, 2014

At The Pink Villa

We arrived to Nice in the afternoon with my German friend. Traffic was heavy so it took a while to get to St-Tropez. The ride was so beautiful! I missed the Cote d’Azur! I loved seeing all those trees and the coasts along the way and the water was so beautiful. As soon as we arrived, we got ready to go to the annual white party at the Villa Octupussy. st tropez france

White Party at The Villa Octupussy - St Tropez France

White Party at The Villa Octupussy – St Tropez France

This is usually the most beautiful party in St-Tropez the whole Summer. It was in a 50 million euro villa in St-Tropez park. The place is absolutely stunning. Everything is white inside. The villa has many floors with a beautiful garden. In the back there is a small port to dock the boats and a place where a helicopter can land. I ran into the CEO of BlackStone Steve Schwarzman. We chatted about tennis and shooting. He told me that he gave a speech at my college this year. He is friends with the guy who founded my school in Oxford. He is always very nice and kind. The people were absolutely beautiful at the party. Everyone looked so elegant wearing white. The food was fancy, caviar, lox, burgers with fois gras. In the back there was a large table covered with desserts. It was very hard to resist all the delicious French desserts.

Desserts at the Villa Octupussy - St Tropez France

Desserts at the Villa Octupussy – St Tropez France

The party was rocking. A saxophone player on the table kept the party rocking.

Saxophone Player at The Villa Octupussy - St Tropez France

Saxophone Player at The Villa Octupussy – St Tropez France

After a couple of hours we left to go to the Caves du Roy in the centre of St Tropez. That was quiet fun as well.

St Tropez France

The next day we had lunch on the beach at the famous Club 55. At night we had a delicious dinner at Brasserie des Artes with some friends.

The next day we took our friend’s boat out on the sea and spent the day on it. It was so beautiful to spend the day on the water we had so much fun!

I am on a boat!

I am on a boat!

The water was so blue and beautiful. The Italian guys cooked some pasta on the boat then we went for a swim. After that we spent the afternoon in Nikki Beach. It was Nikki Beach’s birthday so the party was insane!

Nikki Beach's Birthday Party

Nikki Beach’s Birthday Party

Then we went home quickly to change and went to an anniversary party of a jewellery store in the centre of St-Tropez. The party was nice with a big fancy cake and lots of champagne.

Jewellery Birthday Party

Jewellery Birthday Party

After that we went to another villa party in a pink villa near Club 55. The villa was so beautiful everything was pink inside and the party was around the pool.

Pink Villa

Pink Villa

There were tables set up in the garden. There was a band playing. The party was great fun! We rocked the dance floor until 4am in the morning. They even had an ice-cream vendor in the middle of the garden.

Ice cream Truck in the Pink Villa

Ice cream Truck in the Pink Villa

Saturday morning I went to explore the market in the centre of St-Tropez. I love that market. They sell all sorts of French goods and food. It is such a wonderful market. I bought some souvenirs there. After that I went to Club 55 for lunch again and ran into the Oscar winning actor Jared Leto. We took a photo together. I told him I saw him and his band playing in Budapest once. He was impressed, because most people knew him as an actor rather than the main singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Me & Jared Leto

Me & Jared Leto

Club 55 is the best place if you want to spot celebrities. I have seen so many famous people and Hollywood actors at this restaurant. We again ended up in Nikki Beach until the sun started going down. The party was good fun in Nikki Beach.

We spent the night at the Caves du Roy, as there were no private parties that night. The club was good fun. It was absolutely packed.

I am on a Beach

I am on a Beach

Next day we checked out of the hotel early and spent the rest of the day hanging out by the pool of Hotel de Paris. In the afternoon we took the ferry to Nice. The sea was a very choppy so we were warned that it was going to be a rough ride, however it turned out to be the worst ferry ride of my life. It felt like we were on a roller coaster. Everyone was throwing up on the ferry around us. It was supposed to take 2.5 hours to get to Nice, but the ferry was stopped after an hour in St-Raphael and they organised buses to take us to Nice. It was hell of a ride. Overall St-Tropez was a fun vacation as always. I loved the beautiful scenery of the South of France, the glamorous villa parties, all the beautiful people.

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