Fun Things To Do in Florida: Miami, Palm Beach

January 30, 2017

Miami, Florida

Yes, my dear reader, you did not misread the title. I was engaged for a couple of weeks to a guy. Let’s just call him Mr A. Him and I met at a New Years Eve party in the Trump Tower a few months before I had left New York. The house party was insane. My future husband was in charge of cutting the coke in the bathroom. He was charming and entertaining. A few months after the party I left New York and later on he proposed to me with a text message and a Facebook invitation to get engaged. I thought this was hilarious so I played along. In a couple of months he convinced me to get on a plane and fly to Miami. My engagement in Miami may sounds great, but the story did not have a happy ending. I realized on the first day that we were not meant for each other, so from that point on it was not the most pleasant trip for me, but I tried to make the most out of it. Read about free things to do in Miami.

Diving in Florida Keys

We both shared the passion for scuba diving, so we went diving on the weekends. We went to Florida Keys to dive. Diving in Florida Keys is one of the best things to do in Florida in my opinion. Diving was really good there, but it was too cold for me to dive in January. The currents were incredibly strong. I was diving in two wetsuits on. My husband-to-be even had an underwater scooter, so it was great fun riding the scooter together underwater. I loved the underwater World in the Keys. Fish were coming in groups from every direction. The only problem I had was when I was trying to get back on the boat. The current was so strong that I had an extremely difficult time getting out of the water. After about 5 minutes of struggle, a guy from the boat came and grabbed me by my tank and pulled me out of the water. It was incredibly windy on the boat. It took about an hour for us to reach the shore. I was freezing. Even though, diving in the Keys was wonderful, I concluded that I can only dive in still warm water like the Caribbean. Diving in cold water in two wet suits kills the pleasure of diving for me. However, some of the best Florida beaches are in the Keys. The drive through the Keys is also spectacular.  Things To Do in Florida

 Mr A was usually busy working, so I hung out with some other friends, who I knew from New York. We spent the days in Fisher Island hanging out at our friend’s house/boat, hanging out by the pool, drinking, watching the sunset. Fisher Island is a luxurious island and it is one of the best places to visit in Florida.

Boating in Miami - Things to Do in Florida

Boating in Miami – Things to Do in Florida

Sunset in Miami - Things to Do in Florida

Sunset in Miami – Things to Do in Florida

One night on a Wednesday, we all went down to Baoli. The atmosphere was insane. The bartender kept pouring alcohol on top of the bar and he would light the whole thing on fire. You never have to wonder what to do in Florida in the evening, because there is always so much going on. Even during the week.

Fun at Baoli, Miami -Things to Do in Florida

Fun at Baoli, Miami – Things to Do in Florida

All the best looking people in Miami were at Baoli that night. My friends told me  that they were going to Palm Beach for an Art Show and a Ferrari Show at the Breaker’s Hotel. If you are looking for fun things to do in Florida, you must check out Miami nightlife. Miami is definitely one of the best vacation spots in Florida.

Palm Beach, Florida

We set out to Palm Beach the next morning after a wonderful breakfast on Ocean Drive. My fiancé was very upset, because I left him behind for the weekend, but at that point our relationship was not going well. We had a great time in Palm Beach with my friends, we went to the Art Show and the Ferrari Show at the Breakers. These two events are some of the best things to do in South Florida. Palm Beach was a beautiful, neat place with lots of middle-class retired people. It is certainly one of the better places to go in Florida.

Palm Beach Art Show -Things to Do in Florida

Palm Beach Art Show – Things to Do in Florida

Palm Beach Ferrari Show at the Breaker's Hotel -Things to Do in Florida

Palm Beach Ferrari Show at the Breaker’s Hotel – Things to Do in Florida

Palm Beach Ferrari Show at the Breaker's Hotel - Things to Do in Florida

Palm Beach Ferrari Show at the Breaker’s Hotel – Things to Do in Florida

We had some delicious food for lunch at this super fancy hotel. At night we even went to the 50th anniversary of the Palm Beach Opera House, as our friend who hosted us in Palm Beach was in the music business. We were literally younger by about 40 years than anyone in the room. It was not hard to convince my friends to leave the party and we ended up in a local night club until late in the morning. We had a fantastic weekend in Palm Beach with the girls. We even went to a Polo Game on Sunday. The game was one of the best attractions in Florida. You should check it out if you are around here.

Polo in Palm Beach - Things to Do in Florida

Polo in Palm Beach – Things to Do in Florida

 After returning to Miami, I spent a couple of more days with Mr A, but it was only going downhill between us. My friends had left Miami, so I was left in the apartment to hang out with the cat, while my future husband was working. We usually fought when he got home. After a couple of days, I packed my stuff and left for Los Angeles to visit my friends. Mr A drove me to the Fort Lauderdale Airport and we never saw each other again. Things to Do in Los Angeles

Exploring Los Angeles


 I took a long flight to LA. I had a long overlay somewhere in the middle of the States where I spent my hours reading some crappy book that I picked up in Mr A’s apartment. Finally I landed in LAX after midnight. and I went straight to a house party in Santa Monica. The party was at a home of an Irish movie maker. I met many interesting film industry people at the house party. There was lots of Vodka and weed.

 I spent the rest of the week with some of my best friends in LA. It was great to catch-up with some long-term friends who moved to LA to pursue acting. Every time I am in LA, I visit my favorite Thai restaurant Kruang Tedd on Hollywood Boulevard. Jumbo’s Clown Room is my absolute favorite strip-club, where the girls actually do not strip. It is right next door from the Thai restaurant and we always go there for a drink after dinner. The performances we see there are always superb.

We went to Topanga State Park with my dating advisor friend for a hike. We hiked and chatted for hours about boys and the secret of life-long marriage and other interesting relationship topics. We also went to a very famous raw food restaurant in Santa Monica. Juliano’s Raw Planet. The guys were slightly concerned that the food was way too healthy for them. The food was ok, I had the raw lasagna. It was tasty, but I still think I prefer a real lasagna, even though I usually like raw food. The absolute best thing in that restaurant were the shakes. The bubble gum milkshake is to die for. I kept going back every day for more.

 We visited the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Outside of the museum you can see the statues of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. We went around to find ours and we took pictures with them.

Chinese Horoscope at LACMA - LA, California

Chinese Horoscope at LACMA – LA, California

LACMA, LA, California

LACMA, LA, California

LACMA, LA, California

LACMA, LA, California

 I loved the Santa Monica farmer’s market on Sundays. They sold lots of healthy food including a delicious green smoothie with almonds and bananas and greens. I was totally addicted to it.

 I loved LA, everybody was healthy, trendy and progressive. It is the absolute most glamorous city in the World without a doubt. We spent endless hours hanging out in Venice Beach checking out the art work they were selling on the board walk. I loved Venice Beach.

Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach, California

 We went to a party the night before I left. The best thing about the party was that they were making cocktails of green juice and Vodka. I absolutely loved it. Things to Do in Los Angeles

Raw Bar in LA

Raw Bar in LA

I enjoyed my time in LA, despite of spending endless hours in the car driving from one place to the next. Things to Do in Los Angeles

LA - The Most Glamorous City in the World - Things to Do in Los Angeles

LA – The Most Glamorous City in the World

 Just before I was going to arrive in Miami, I was getting angry messages from Mr A., who did not want to give my stuff back, because he was angry because I left him. Luckily I could spend my last day in Miami with my Brazilian friend, who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport in the middle of the night and host me for a day. My time in the US was an absolute blast, even though my engagement fall apart.

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