Fun Things To Do In Helsinki in an Afternoon

April 27, 2017

Things To Do in Helsinki

I arrived to Helsinki, Finland at 4PM on a snowy November afternoon. I had a few hours to spend before hopping on my next flight to Bangkok. It was totally dark by then, it was about -2C and you could not see anything from the snow. I was wearing 5 sweaters and 2 pants and I was still freezing. The most famous person in Finland in Santa, so you can see Santa on every post card and fridge magnet in every corner store. He is like a national hero. I wonder if it ever gets warm in this place. Luckily the city is really small, so I saw everything in about an hour and I headed back to the airport quickly. Things to do In Helsinki

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Things to Do In Helsinki

I saw a big white Evangelic Church aka Helsinki Cathedral. It is a huge church and it is one of the landmarks of Helsinki. The other important landmark of Helsinki is the a big Orthodox Cathedral called Uspenski Cathedral. Its brick colored building reminds the visitors of the Russian cathedrals.

The Presidential Palace, the harbor and the Railway Station are also worth visiting in Helsinki. That’s pretty much everything you can see in Helsinki and you can see it all in about two hours. The interesting thing about Helsinki, that pay phones are non-existent. When I asked the people where I could find a pay phone, they looked at me as if I just came from the 19th century. I know it is the home land of Nokia and I assume everyone has a cell phone, but they should think of tourists like me also and install some pay phones at least at the airport. My eager attempt to call my employee in New York miserably failed, so I went back to the airport and caught my flight to Bangkok before I was going to turn into a snowman in the snowy Helsinki. Sadly I did not have a chance to run into Santa during the afternoon I spent in the Finnish capital.

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    bc21578 April 10, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    I’d love to see the rail station. Wow, 5 sweaters, 2 pair of pants & still cold!

    • Comment by Barb

      Barb April 11, 2017 at 9:07 am

      Maybe not 5 sweaters, but at least 3. I dont remember the railway station.

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