Best Things to Do in Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina

January 7, 2017

Rainbow over the Iguazu Falls

I took a bus from Salta to Puerto Iguazu to visit one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the World, the Cataratas de Iguazu (Iguazu Falls). I thought it was a nice way to see the country by sitting on a bus. Well, I don’t recommend doing this to anyone, to be honest. First, the bus was about 2 hours late, because the bus company Tigre Iguazu did not have a bus ready to depart. The light of the bus was broken. I went to hang out at the bus station when I saw that the bus was departing without me. My luggage was already on the bus, so I was running after the bus and luckily it stopped for me. Thank God! Otherwise, I would have been in trouble. We had to change buses 4 times until we got to Puerto Iguazu and the air-conditioning was not working on the last bus. The journey was long and painful, but the last few hours of the journey through the tropical rainforest was very green and beautiful. There were many things to do in Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the national park and the surrounding landscape.

On my way to Iguazu - Things to Do in Iguazu Falls

On my way to Iguazu – Things to Do in Iguazu Falls

I finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu. I went straight to the nearby ice-cream store to get an ice-cream. The ice-cream store called Creamolatti had some amazing flavours. They made probably the best tiramisu ice-cream I have ever had. After the ice-cream, I checked into Hotel Saint-George across the street. It was a beautiful four-star hotel with a fantastic restaurant Dona Maria. I went down to have dinner at Dona Maria, where they were offering a great selection of parilla (grilled steaks and meat) to the guests. They also had about 10 different kinds of salads, so it was perfect for me after the long bus journey.

Things to Do in Iguazu Falls

Next morning, after my lavish breakfast, I set out to see the Iguazu Falls. I bought my ticket at the bus station to reach the National Park. The bus ride took about 20 minutes to the Cataratas (waterfalls). The bus took us through the rainforest. The scenery was beautiful. At the entrance, we had to pay about $25 to get into the National Park. They only accepted cash at the door. Nobody was surprised by this in Argentina. It s a cash only country. After getting through the entrance, I took the small train to the Devil’s Throat.

There were three routes within the park, but I heard this was the most beautiful one. It was about a km walk on the bridges to reach the site. The waterfalls were very strong and powerful. It was absolutely incredible. There was so much water. It was breath-taking. I made friends with an Italian professor and I continued the day with him. Next, we visited the upper track and later the lower track.

Things to Do in Iguazu Falls, Northern Argentina

Things to Do in Iguazu Falls, Northern Argentina

It was very hot and humid in the waterfalls and often we got very wet. We saw coatis running around. These are small mammals with long noses and ring colored tails. They are aggressive and tourists are warned to stay away from them. Sometimes their attack can be deadly.

Coati in Iguazu National Park

Coati in Iguazu National Park

It was beautiful to walk around the waterfalls and see them from above and below. We could see Brazil on the other side of the river. Suddenly, I understood, why Elenor Roosevelt said “poor Niagara” when she saw the Iguazu Falls. It was the most powerful, most incredible waterfalls, I have ever seen in my life. Certainly, it is one of the highlights of my trip to Argentina.

After the day spent in the National Park, I spent the afternoon hanging by the beautiful pool of my hotel. I also had a delicious dinner in the fancy restaurant of my hotel and prepared to cross over to Brazil the next day to reach my flight to Rio.

Border Crossing To Brazil

I woke up around 6 am in the morning and took a taxi to the Brazilian border. We quickly crossed over the Argentinian border then drove to Brazil. The taxi driver dropped me off at the border because I thought there were gonna be buses to take me to the airport. I was so wrong. After about half an hour sitting in the bus stop, I figured that there were no buses coming into this direction at all. I was frustrated and I started walking towards the airport which was about 6 km away. After walking for about 20 minutes, a taxi found me and drove me to the airport. I was so grateful to him, I would have never made it to my flight had he not come around and save me. I did not even have any Brazilian reis. I told him to wait for me until I got some money out of an ATM at the airport so that I could pay him. After all this stress, I finally made it to my flight to Rio. At the airport, the staff was very latin-American, in a sense that we only had about 50 minutes until departure and they kept us waiting for another 15 minutes and no one was at the check-in desk to check us in. In the end, I made it to my flight and I was on my way to my favorite destination in the World to Rio de JaneiroCataratas de Iguazu

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A Visit to the Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina
A visit to the Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina. Visiting the Devil's Throat, the upper track and the lower track of the waterfalls in the Iguazu National Park. Mindblowing view and exploring the beauties of the tropical rainforest.

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