Fun Things to Do in Marbella: Champagne Popping and Celebrity Parties

August 28, 2016

Party Time in Marbella

Beaches - Fun Things to Do in Marbella

Beaches – Fun Things to Do in Marbella

I flew to Marbella to hang out with another 4 of my girlfriends. This was a party trip to the Spanish resort Marbella. There were parties at night and parties during the day. There were fun things to do in Marbella all the time. Visiting Marbella is one of the most fun things to do in Malaga region in Spain. We do these kind of trips with my girlfriends every year. What happens when 5 girls go on vacation together? Drama! Lots of drama. So there was plenty of that, but I enjoyed being in Spain and overall I had a nice time. We checked into Hotel Puene Romano in Puerto Banus. It was one of the nicer ones of the Puerto Banus Hotels. We spent most of our days on the beach. Holidays to Marbella are usually luxurious and filled with champagne. The fancy beach clubs host parties with some of the rich and famous during August.

Fun Things to Do in Marbella During the Day Spain

Nikki Beach, Funky Buddha Beach, Sala Beach. These beaches always had DJs and a big parties on the beach.

Beach Club - Fun Things to Do in Marbella

Beach Club – Fun Things to Do in Marbella

Beach Party - Fun Things to Do in Marbella

Beach Party – Fun Things to Do in Marbella

Lunch by the Pool at Marbella Beach Club

Lunch by the Pool at Marbella Beach Club

Nikki Beach in Marbella was the most fun place out of all the beach clubs. We party-ed day and night in Marbella. At night, we often went to Olivia Valere. That place reminded me of a big Moroccan building. The place was beautiful, it had different rooms with different music on different levels. It was designed in a North-African style. I liked the garden the most. There was fresh air and the music was not too loud. Often times we stayed at this place until late in the morning.

Marbella was great fun! The beach parties were great. The beaches were not as nice as they are in the South of France, but we were mainly there for the parties anyway. The Eva Longoria Foundation had a charity dinner that we attended in Marbella. It was a very elegant event. We also got a nice goodie bag with a voucher for a bracelet with Swarowski crystals. Vacation in Marbella was hot and fun. We met some interesting new people and we partied hard. What else can you wish for on a beautiful beach vacation?

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