Fun Things to Do in Santiago, Chile and Rafting on the Rio Maipo

March 2, 2017

After all the fun I had in Buenos Aires, I took the plane over to Santiago de Chile as I heard that rafting on the Rio Maipo was supposed to be great. I could see the icy top of the Andes Mountains from the plane. There are many flights to Santiago, Chile from Buenos Aires, so travelers can easily access the big city.Things to Do in Santiago

View of Santiago de Chile - Things to Do in Santiago Chile

View of Santiago de Chile

Fun Things to Do in Santiago, Chile

This city is one of the least exciting capitals in the World, as there are not to many things to do in Santiago. The three days I spent there were more than enough. Hotels in Santiago, Chile are reasonably priced. After arriving to the city and settling into my hotel, I spoke to some locals to figure out what to do in Santiago. A visit to the capital city is one of the most important points of interest in Chile. Plaza de Armas is the main square of Santiago de Chile.

Things to Do in Santiago Chile

Santiago de Chile

I saw some local folks dancing in front of the City Hall by local women dressed in their authentic outfit. There were a couple of cool art museums to visit, such as the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombiano. I saw some cool art work there. After that I hiked up to the Santa Lucia Park. It was a beautiful park with a fantastic view to the entire city.

Santa Lucia Park - Santiago Chile

Santa Lucia Park – Santiago Chile

The park has stairs and fountains leading up to the fort and a viewpoint on the top of the hill. Because I have seen everything in a day and I didnt know what to do in Santiago de Chile, so I started researching day trips from Santiago de Chile. In the end, I went rafting to the Rio Maipo on the next day.

Rafting in Rio Maipo

The river was about an hour away from Santiago. We all had to dress up in a funny waterproof gear. The water was cold, but we enjoyed the view of the surrounding mountains. It was very pretty. The currents were pretty strong sometimes so it made it all more exciting. We were all totally wet by the end of the rafting adventure. I made some new friends with a Peruvian girl and some Venezuelan guys and we spent the afternoon hiking together in the mountains. The best thing about traveling alone is that I always meet very interesting people along the road. This way I have friends all over the World. Rafting in Chile was one of the best Chile points of interest.

Visiting Santiago de Chile was a fun experience, even if I didn’t find too many places to visit in Chile.  in Santiago de Chile.

There are many other day trips from Santiago, you can visit the wine region of Valparaiso or in Vina del Mar.

Rafting on Rio Maipo in Santiago

Rafting on Rio Maipo in Santiago


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