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March 3, 2017

 Travel to Singapore From Kuala Lumpur

I left Bali at 8 am in the morning for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After getting off the plane I ran to catch a bus to Singapore. I had to run through Chinatown with my giant backpack and I finally found a very crowded bus station. I got on the bus right away and in 5 hours I was in Singapore. The journey was very comfortable. Things to Do in Singapore

Things to Do in Singapore

I absolutely loved Singapore! It is a very nice and neat city. It is a tropical metropolis with all the fascinating things an Asian metropolis has to offer. There were Christmas trees everywhere and everybody was Christmas shopping. Everywhere I went I could hear Christmas songs. There were giant shopping malls and people would shop non-stop. I really had to restrain myself from shopping, because I did not want to carry around more stuff. At one point, I was wondering what to do in Singapore besides shopping. I spent the first-day sightseeing. I visited all the interesting sites including Little India and Chinatown. One of the most famous places to visit in Singapore is the Marina Bay. I took some photos with the symbol of Singapore, the dragon faced water-spitting fish called Merlion. One of the coolest Singapore points of interest was the Raffles Hotel. Having a tea in the lobby was a very memorable experience. It is an old traditional colonial hotel, built in a very English style. Tourist attractions in Singapore were all nearby and within walking distance and this made sightseeing in Singapore fairly easy.

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Singapore Marina - Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore Marina – Things to Do in Singapore

The city is really neat. If you chew a gum, you will be fined $1000. You cannot spit or litter because you will be fined also.

On the last day, I still had a place where to go in Singapore and I visited Battle Box, which is the largest underground command center of the British Malaya Command Headquarters during World War II. It is one of the coolest one of the  Singapore tourist spots. It comprises 22 rooms linked by a corridor. This complex is bomb-proof and also capable of recycling its own air supply. Through the use of special audio-visual effects, and high-quality animatronics visitors are able to relive the morning of 15 February 1942 when Singapore fell to the Japanese. The Battle Box was certainly the most interesting one of the tourist places in Singapore.

Battle Box - Singapore - Things to Do in Singapore

Battle Box – Singapore – Things to Do in Singapore

After that I visited other attractions in Singapore such as the Toy Museum and some exhibitions in the National Library. I ended the day in a shopping mall again. Singapore tourist attractions are endless, so the city is good for people, who don’t want to spend the day in the shopping center.

Nightlife of Singapore

Next day I went out with a Dane/Korean girl Mia, who I met on the Internet. The best places to go in Singapore at night, were at Clarke Quay where all the hot spots were. Singapore nightlife was amazing! We went to Fashion Bar and I tried the local drink Singapore Sling. It tasted interesting. There were only foreigners in that place. The nightlife was one of the most fun things to do in Singapore.

 On my last night, I went to the Christmas party of a watch magazine Revolution. The party was great fun with all the wealthy and beautiful people in town.

Revolution Magazine Christmas Party - Things to Do in Singapore

Revolution Magazine Christmas Party – Things to Do in Singapore

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