The Best Things to Do on Oahu, Hawaii

March 1, 2017

Beaches in Oahu - things to do on Oahu

Beaches in Oahu – things to do on Oahu

Things to Do on Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii was one of my first destinations after moving to the States. The whole idea of traveling all the way across the US to a remote island fascinated me. We flew for about 12 hours from New York to reach Oahu where we spent a really wonderful week. We landed in the capital of Hawaii in Honolulu. We weren’t sure what to do in Honolulu, because we imagined it as a large city, rather than an exotic beach, but we quickly realized that it was a big beach town with many activities for tourists. The island was so beautiful. It was warm and it smelled like flowers everywhere. We walked around and explored Waikiki Beach.

There were plenty of things to do on Oahu, so I ended up booking a different tour every day. Your Oahu activities must include a visit to Pearl Harbour. Mom and I visited Pearl Harbour one day. We saw the USSR Arizona Memorial where the ship was sunk during WWII, when the Japanese attacked the US. They took us to a bridge like construction in the middle of the water and when you looked down, you could see the sunken ship beneath you deep down in the water. At one point you can even see a small spot of oil in the water as the ship is still leaking oil after all those years.

Pearl Harbour & Dole Plantation in Oahu - things to do on Oahu

Pearl Harbour & Dole Plantation in Oahu – things to do on Oahu

Honolulu attractions are more than just the USS Arizona Memorial. Another day, we took an underwater submarine to see the fascinating ocean life. It was a really cool experience. We were about 100 feet deep for about half an hour. We saw turtles and all sorts of colourful fishes. Tanning on the beach or shopping were my favorite things to do in Waikiki beach.

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Visit to the Dole Plantation

There are many more exciting things to do in Oahu, Hawaii, such as visiting the Dole plantation. It was in fact, one of the best things to do in Oahu. We also went on a tour around the island. We visited the Dole Plantation where pineapple is grown. It was really cool to see how pineapple is grown. I have never seen a pineapple plantation before. For lunch we had some mahi-mahi fish with macadamia nuts, which was one of the local delicacies. It was amazing. There were much more Honolulu activities. After lunch, we saw a seal sleeping on the beach as we were driving along the coast of Oahu. On the tour, we visited the rainforests and also the famous mountains of the island where Jurassic Park was filmed.

Scenery of Jurassic Park in Oahu Hawaii

Scenery of Jurassic Park in Oahu Hawaii

Oahu attractions were endless. We would just walk along Waikiki Beach and saw indigenous dancers performing along the beach wearing a straw skirt and a bra performing their tribal dance. It was fascinating to watch them dancing.

Luau Party

Our Oahu tours included a night to a Luau, which is a traditional night, where they buried a pig under the ground in the dirt and covered it with leaves and roasted the meat for about a day until it became really soft. Once it was done, they undig the pig and served it to the guests. It was like a slow cooked pork. After dinner they performed the tribal dance. It was a really cool night. I truly enjoyed it. The food was great and the performance by the indigenous tribes was fascinating. We met lots of couple who were in honeymoon on the island. It a paradise for honeymooners.

Oahu Hawaii Coast - things to do on Oahu

Oahu Hawaii Coast -things to do on Oahu

A week in Hawaii was a week in paradise.

Elvis’s Favorite Hotel

Now, I know why Elvis Presley loved the place so much. We even saw the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel where he used to stay at.

Elvis's Hotel - The Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Oahu Hawaii

Elvis’s Favorite Hotel – The Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Oahu Hawaii

I loved the island. There were flowers everywhere and everyone greeted you with a big Aloha. It is a truly relaxing and fascinating place. The only bad part about it that it is so far away.

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  • My curiosity about Oahu is getting larger! Seems like everyone is talking about how it’s culturally reach and offers good beaches and food! I need to find ’em out myself soon!

    • Barb

      You would love it Trisha! yes, it is indeed a fascinating island. There is so much to do and see there.

  • megan_claire

    Thanks for this list! I would love to visit Oahu – we got married on Maui though didn’t have the time to explore the rest of Hawaii’s islands, which is silly really because we were already in the perfect destination for a honeymoon! Hope to get back and have the chance to spend time in Oahu too 🙂

    • Barb

      A wedding in Maui must have been amazing!

  • Melody Pittman

    Okay, I have never been to Oahu but I very much want to go! I would love to visit Pearl Harbor, what an incredible experience. The Dole Plantation also sounds so cool. I have been buying Dole products my whole life and visiting would be awesome. Thanks for sharing these things to do! Hopefully a trip to Hawaii is in my future 🙂

    • Barb

      I hope so too! You will absolutely love it without a doubt. Dole products are so delicious. Arent they?

  • Kimanis Ome

    I’ve been to Hawaii once before and really loved it. You are right, there is so much to see and do on the beautiful island. I’m so jealous you got to experience a Luau. My visit was to Maui, and I never got a chance to experience the traditional dance and food. I guess, next time to Oahu instead!!!

    • Barb

      Oh, lucky you! I always wanted to go back to experience Maui as well. I guess I will do that another time….

  • I’ve been reading a lot about Oahu lately. They say it’s a good representation of nature, and Hawaiian culture with great food and activities to do.

    • Barb

      Yes, it is a paradise island. It has amazing food, great activities, lots of adventurous activities. I can only recommend it to everyone.

  • I’ve never been to Hawaii, but Oahu sounds great. I’d be fascinated by the sunken ship and I eat Dole Pineapple, so I’d love to see that too.

    • Barb

      You will surely love it!

  • Vyjay Rao

    Hawaii has always fascinated me and we have always been dreaming of going there some day. The story of the sunken ship seems interesting. It is good to know there are lot of activities one can undertake out there. The Dole Plantation has pineapples grown there? Wow! That is so very interesting to know. Elvis Presley’s hotel also seems to be one good place to visit while you are on the island.

    • Barb

      Yes, it is a great island with lots of adventurous activities to do. I can definitely recommend it. You will never be bored for a second.

  • Danik Bates

    Hawaii is one of my dream destinations and Oahu looks totally amazing. Great write up and loving the photos. Still can’t believe it takes at least a day for me to get there from the UK 😀

    • Barb

      Yes, thats the only probem with the trip. it takes too long to reach Hawaii, otherwise it is a real paradise and I recommend everyone to visit.

  • Mellissa Williams

    Wow, I would LOVE to go to Oahu in Hawaii. I didn’t know it was such a long trip from New York though. I bet the Dole plantation was interesting and how beautiful does the whole island look!

    • Barb

      Yes, it s amazing, but it s not easy to get there. If you dont mind the long flight and the jet-lag, you will have a wonderful time.

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