Weekend in Stockholm to Celebrate Mid-Summer Night

July 2, 2015

View of Stockholm

I flew to Stockholm to see what mid-Summer night would be in the Swedish capital. The city was really beautiful, but surprisingly empty. I quickly found out that most locals leave town for the weekend of mid-Summer Night. This did not stop me from having fun and making some new friends in this new city. As soon as I arrived, I noticed that the temperature has dropped. Honestly it did not feel like mid-Summer at all. It felt more like November. I dressed up warmly and went to discover the city. The city was really beautiful. I headed straight to the historical neighborhood. weekend Stockholm

Walked by the Royal Palace of Stockholm. It is the largest presidential palace in the World.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

It reminded me of the night I met the Swedish King at Prince Albert’s wedding in Monaco. He was nice and friendly. We had a good chat about the charity work he was involved in. He also complemented my dress, which I was very flattered by.

View of the city

View of the city

The boats

The boats

I continued my journey down to City Hall, where they hand out the annual Nobel Prize.

View of the City with the City Hall

View of the City with the City Hall

I walked by the Opera and other prestigious old buildings. The city was beautiful with lots of elegantly decorated buildings. The city is a connection of small islands and everything is surrounded by water. Many people live on boats on the water. The city reminded me of Switzerland a bit. The architecture and the athmosphere of the city was similar to Zurich.

weekend Stockholm

The Streets look like Zurich - Weekend Stockholm

The Streets look like Zurich – Weekend Stockholm

I spent the next day sitting around cafes trying out all the colourful Swedish sweets.

Swedish Sweets - Weekend Stockholm

Swedish Sweets – Weekend Stockholm

Swedish Cakes - Weekend Stockholm

Swedish Cakes – Weekend Stockholm

Stockholm has some really interesting coffee shops, with really great food. I especially liked Gildas Rum. It served very delicious brunch and a good selection of colorful salads. I visited one of the most interesting museums I have seen, the Fotografiska Museum. The collection was really beautiful. I had such a pleasant time in Stockholm that I am sure to return to this beautiful city very soon. It is an amazing city to relax and recharge after the hussle and bussle of London.

View of the City - Weekend Stockholm

View of the City – Weekend Stockholm



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Article Name
Mid-Summer Night in Stockholm
A weekend getaway to Stockholm to visit the Swedish capital during mid-Summer night. Visited the old town, the City Hall, the Photography Museum, watched the boats going by. It was a relaxing and wonderful weekend on a beautiful city.

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