What to Do in Grand Cayman on a Luxury Diving Vacation

May 21, 2017

Turtle Underwater - Grand Cayman Diving

My sister and I visited Grand Cayman, because we heard it is a beautiful island with good diving sites. It was off season in July, so the island was a bit deserted, but we did saw some beautiful beaches and did some good diving. Diving is the best thing to do in Grand Cayman. However, the underwater life and the corals were a bit destroyed because of a big hurricane a year earlier. So we were a bit disappointed because the ocean life was slightly destroyed. We did see some crystal clear beaches. Diving in the Grand Cayman Island was quiet a special experience. what to do in Grand Cayman

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What to do in Grand Cayman?

What to do in Grand Cayman?

What to Do in Grand Cayman?

Instead of taking one of the many Grand Cayman excursions, we decided to rent a car and explore the island ourselves. One of the best Grand Cayman activities was a visit to the water park, where we saw lots of turtles and nurse sharks in big tanks.

Sister in the Water Park - What to do in Grand Cayman?

Sister in the Water Park – What to do in Grand Cayman?

Turtles in the Water Park - Grand Cayman Island

Turtles in the Water Park – Grand Cayman Island

Taming Turtles in Grand Cayman Island

Taming Turtles in Grand Cayman Island

Nurse Sharks - Grand Cayman

Nurse Sharks – Grand Cayman

Iguana - Grand Cayman

Iguana – Grand Cayman

They were very friendly. You could touch the turtles and pet them. They seemingly enjoyed it too. There were some big iguanas running around in the park too. Diving was nice, I saw some nice corals and fishes, but diving in Egypt or in Mexico was more special. We drove around the island and visited different beaches. Most of the things are pretty expensive and developed in the Cayman Islands. As we know it is an offshore haven, therefore, lots of companies reside here. One of the best things to do in Grand Cayman was a visit to Sting Ray City.

String Ray City - Grand Cayman

String Ray City – Grand Cayman

They took us on a boat to a site where lots of sting rays were living and they started feeding the them so they would all come around us. We could touch them and tame them. They were really friendly. The myth was that if you kissed a sting ray, you would get 7 years of good luck. My sister did kiss one. We also found Chester’s Jerk Stand and had some delicious jerk chicken.

Chester's Jerk Chicken Stand

Chester’s Jerk Chicken Stand

On our last night in Grand Cayman, we discovered the city centre of the island. It was a series of pubs and bars around the port. They were painted in different colors. They even had a Hard Rock Café there.

Grand Cayman City Centre

Grand Cayman City Centre

Cayman was a real paradise with its white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water.

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  • How is your sister’ luck going? Seriously, this looks like a fabulous place with a chance to get up close and personal with some amazing creatures. Great photography too

    • Barb

      Thanks for the compliements. I think my sister is slightly lucky, not sure if it is because of the sting rays though.

  • Reshma

    Cayman looks so fabulous! Loved that you had a great time with those adorable turtles!

    • Barb

      Yes, it was a wonderful place to dive.

  • Didn’t Cayman islands are so beautiful. Have worked for banks for almost a decade so always thought of Cayman Islands as an offshore location. The pic of the turtles in the water is amazing. Great to know that there are so many things to do in Cayman Islands.

    • Barb

      Yes, it is a wonderful place for a luxurious vacation and a great diving spot as well.

  • TravelingWellForLess

    Grand Cayman is amazing. I’m not a diver so I only snorkeled. We did the Sting Ray city snorkel. Excited and freaky at the same time. 🙂

    • Barb

      Yes, I agree. It was fun though.

  • Kimberly

    Looks wonderful! As much as I love turtles, I EXTRA love swimming with sharks.

    • Barb

      Oh, sharks can be scarry.

  • Sherianne Higgins (SherianneKa

    Loving the turtles! Looks like the island has a great vibe, will have to go at some point for sure

    • Barb

      Yes, it is a beautiful place. I can only recommend it.

  • Owl Over The World

    Looks like an amazing place for diving. And the animals are so adorable.

    • Barb

      Yes, it is one of the best places in the World for diving.

  • Everywhere & Back

    Cayman is an amazing place to visit! I didn’t go diving but I loved snorkeling at many of the beaches and visiting the stone rays!

    • Barb

      You mean sting rays? 😉 Yes, snorkeling can be just as good as diving sometimes.

  • Tamara Elliott (Globe Guide)

    The Cayman Islands look like heaven. Personally I wouldn’t have been too disappointed about the diving- it looks like there is so much to do on land (and work on my tan!) 🙂

    • Barb

      I dont tan, but yes, the island has a lot to offer.

  • Danik Bates

    Grand Cayman looks totally amazing and would love to check this place out. The turtles seals the deal for me.,

    • Barb

      Yes, the turtles were very cute!

  • bc21578

    Wow, the wildlife! “Luxury” is a Rolling Stones song!

    • Barb

      I am sure. Those guys look like they love luxury!

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